Member System

Customers can enjoy digital membership cards, bonus points, gift rewards, e-coupons and send group messages through the member system, stimulating customers' desire to spend again and increasing brand loyalty.

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Enterprise System Features

  • Member Registration

    Member account can be registered using mobile number or email via mobile devices or desktop computer.

  • Digital Membership Card

    Digital membership card in form of QR Code, which can be used to redeem purchase discounts, bonus points and e-coupons.

  • Bonus Points

    Member can get bonus points depends on purchase amount rules create by merchants and check each transaction through the system.

  • Gift Rewards

    Bonus points can be used to redeem gifts and e-coupons.

  • E-coupons

    Two types of e-coupons including purchase discount and gift.

  • Group Message

    Mass emails can be distributed to different groups of member and publish information to news section.

  • After Sales Service

    One year free technical support service provided by Dhost Interactive.