Kindergarten System

Designed for Hong Kong's kindergarten, our management software streamlines admissions, interview management, and student assessments. Its user-friendly dashboard, developed with insights from educators, effectively meets kindergarten-specific needs. We prioritize data privacy, ensuring the security of student and parent information.

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System Features

Combining the three major administrative functions of kindergarten into one

School Admissions

School Admissions

We've digitalized the enrollment process, offering parents an easy-to-use application form. They can quickly upload essential documents like child photos and birth certificates. The platform is versatile, accepting a wide range of Hong Kong's popular payment methods, such as credit cards, Payme, FPS (Faster Payment System), Alipay, WeChat Pay, and bank transfers. Parents can also confirm their payments by uploading deposit receipts and easily add any forgotten documents later on. After the admission window closes, the school can conveniently extract all the submitted information into a single spreadsheet.

Interviewing New Students

Interviewing New Students

Our platform empowers schools with a flexible interview setup. Through the system, schools can schedule interviews and let parents choose their preferred slots. Schools also have the capability to manually group applicants for specific interview sessions. Tailored to fit the school's evaluation needs, teachers can craft their interview questions for different grade levels. For a seamless and streamlined experience, we've introduced an iPad-friendly interface, allowing teachers to conduct interviews with greater ease and clarity.

Student Assessment

Student Assessment

Our student assessment feature gives schools a versatile tool for student management and evaluation. Beyond manual student addition, the system can quickly import children who passed interviews in bulk. For evaluations, the backend facilitates custom questionnaire creation to cater to various grade-specific assessment needs. Instructors can utilize an iPad interface to instantly review and rate the entire class's performance, with a clear visual display. Each student's assessment is automatically converted into an individual report, which can then be signed by principals, teachers, and parents for validation.

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System Benefits

Beyond digitizing student data, our system offers substantial time savings on administrative tasks.

  • Reducing Administrative Time

    Reducing Administrative Time

    Our system is specifically designed to streamline the tedious daily administrative processes of kindergartens. Automated features, such as bulk exporting admission data, automatic allocation of interview slots, and auto-generation of individual student assessment reports, have significantly reduced the time teachers spend on administrative tasks. This allows educators to focus more on their core teaching duties.

  • Effortless Backend Management

    Effortless Backend Management

    Our system's backend is designed for simplicity and clarity, ensuring that even those without a strong IT background can handle it with ease. With our carefully crafted layout and user-centric design, managing the backend becomes less of a chore and more of a seamless experience.

  • Information Security

    Information Security

    Understanding the significance of student and school data, we utilize state-of-the-art encryption and system security measures. This ensures that all information remains protected, preventing leaks and offering the utmost assurance.

  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    Whenever you have questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is always ready to help. Whether it's through WhatsApp, phone calls, or email, we're committed to providing you with prompt and expert responses, along with after-sales technical support.

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School Admissions

  • 1Parents access the new student enrollment website.

  • 2Fill out the application form.

  • 3Upload the required documents for the application.

  • 4Choose to pay the application fee online or offline.

  • 5The system automatically generates an application number.

  • 6The system automatically sends a confirmation email to parents.

  • 7Parents can enter the application number to submit additional documents, pay any outstanding fees, and check the application status.

Interviewing New Students

  • 1Schools can set up interview groups and assign specific teachers to those groups.

  • 2The system automatically assigns admission applicants to interview slots based on the preferences indicated by parents during form submission; administrative staff can also manually allocate applicants to groups.

  • 3Teachers design interview questions for each grade level.

  • 4Teachers use iPads or computers to conduct interviews and grade prospective students.

  • 5The principal decides on admission based on the interview results of the new students.

Student Assessment

  • 1Teachers design assessment questionnaire questions for each grade.

  • 2The system automatically adds all students from each class into the assessment questionnaire and generates a summary table.

  • 3Teachers use an iPad or computer to evaluate all students in the class simultaneously based on the summary table.

  • 4The system automatically generates individual assessment forms for each student based on the summary table scores.

  • 5The school can print the assessment forms for the principal and class teacher to sign and stamp.


All Features

Innovative functionalities tailored to institutional needs.

  • Student Admissions

    Student Admissions

    • Digital admission form
    • Document upload including child photos and birth certificates
    • Supports various popular online payment methods in Hong Kong
    • Offline payments like bank transfers and deposit slip uploads
    • Document submission for missing files
    • Automatic email notifications for successful applications
    • Applicants can check application status online
    • Backend print-ready admission forms resembling paper versions
    • Bulk export of admission data
  • New Student Interviews

    New Student Interviews

    • Backend customization of interview group dates and times
    • Automatic/manual assignment of applicants to interview groups
    • Customizable interview sheets in the backend
    • iPad interface for teachers to conduct interviews
    • Principal access to view interview scores and decide on admissions
    • Auto email notifications for successful interviewees
    • Bulk export of interview data
  • Student Assessments

    Student Assessments

    • Bulk import of accepted interviewees as students
    • Manual student addition
    • Customizable assessment forms in the backend
    • iPad from for class teachers to evaluate all students
    • Auto-generation of individual student assessment forms
    • Print option for individual assessment form
  • Online & Offline Payment Methods

    Online & Offline Payment Methods

    • Paypal (Visa & Master)
    • Stripe (Visa & Master)
    • Payme
    • FPS
    • Alipay China
    • Alipay Hong Kong
    • WeChat Pay
    • Paydollar (supports various online/mobile payments)
    • Unlimited offline payment methods
    • Deposit slip upload for bank payments
  • Backend User Access Control

    Backend User Access Control

    • Multiple backend admin roles and permissions
    • Unlimited backend admin users
    • Unlimited interview and assessment teacher users
    • Principal-specific user role with access to all data and admission decisions.
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Our system support below payment gateway

  • Paypal
  • Pay Dollar
  • Stripe
  • PayMe
  • Alipay
  • WeChat Pay
  • FPS